Obion County Board of Education
October 7, 2013

Agenda Item: VI.B.

Consider/Approve Resolution Authorizing Participation in National Purchasing Cooperatives

Background Information:

During the latest session of the Tennessee General Assembly, Public Chapter 329, effective May 13, 2013, amended TCA §12-3-1009(b) to allow school districts and other governmental entities to join national purchasing cooperatives. The amendment allows school systems to join purchasing cooperatives upon the adoption by the Board of a resolution granting authority to the Board chairman, or designee, to execute a master purchasing agreement (either in-state or out-of-state). When an item has to be bid under Tennessee law, it is sufficient that the entity that procured the good or service complied with its own purchasing requirements.

By joining the purchasing cooperatives, we are not obligated to purchase an item from the contract even if a good or service is available through a cooperative; however, if the school system chooses to purchase, the cost of advertising for bids will be eliminated. Although I do not believe that this should be our only resource when purchasing, it would be nice to gauge what prices other governments have received for certain goods and services.

Resolutions are attached granting authority to the Chairman, or designee, to enter into the cooperative agreements with BuyBoard and NJPA. BuyBoard was formed in compliance with the laws of Maryland and Rhode Island and the Interlocal Participation Agreement reflects all terms and conditions. NJPA was formed in compliance with the laws of Minnesota and the Interlocal Participation Agreement reflects its terms and conditions.

For more information on BuyBoard, go to:

For more information on NJPA, go to:

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend the Board adopt the aforementioned resolutions granting the Chairman, or designee, the authority to enter into the above described national purchasing cooperatives.