Obion County Board of Education
June 2, 2014

Agenda Item: VIII.D.

Consider/Approve Amendments to the General Purpose School Fund Budget

Preliminary Matters:

After January 1, 2014, Chastity Homra was asked to oversee a Tennessee Tobacco Settlement Grant for 2014.   This grant was not included in the budget that was approved by the County Commission and the School Board.  The amount of the grant for year 2014 is $24,445.  The money can be carried over.   Funds are used for kids to attend a summer camp at MTSU for 3 days in June, materials and supplies, incentives, meals, etc.

Chastity Homra also handles the Backpack Program funded through donations.  She received more donations than were anticipated at the time of budget approval for that revenue and expenditures must be accounted for in the budget.

After budget approval, additional teachers had to be employed.   In the teacher salary line under regular instruction, we anticipate a shortfall of $100,000.   This requires an amendment since it was not included in the original budget.

We are currently $20,000 over budget in the Maintenance category-Natural Gas.   Due to the harsh winter, usage was up and prices continue to increase.  We still have to pay bills for June, so we are increasing the budget.

In the Maintenance category 72620, line 335 the budget was originally cut from the previous year.  Since the cost of services and materials needed to keep school grounds maintained increases from year to year, we are experiencing a shortage in line 335, annual maintenance.  We also had damage to school buildings due to ice and wind during recent storms.  Since that damage will be covered through our insurance, we are expecting a check from Tennessee Risk Management Trust in the amount of $16,000.  Additional funds are needed to cover the reduction in the budget and increased cost of supplies and materials.

Under the Board of Education category, we are increasing the budget to include the cost of the contract with TSBA for the Superintendent search, legal fees for a Due Process Lawsuit (Special Education), and an increase in Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Attached you will find amendments to the 2013 – 2014 fiscal year budget for the General Purpose School Fund. The resolution for each of these amendments explains the necessity and can be accessed as follows:

GPS Amendment 2

GPS Amendment 3

GPS Amendment 4


Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the amendments to the 2013 – 2014 fiscal year budget for the General Purpose School Fund.