Obion County Board of Education
May 7, 2012

Agenda Item: IX.H.

Consider Amendment to Board Policy #3.404 – Private Vehicles

Background Information:

As recommended by TSBA, an amendment to Board Policy #3.404 – Private Vehicles is submitted for the Board’s consideration. This policy updates the monetary limits on the insurance policy required to use private vehicles for school functions. These limits, $300,000/$700,000/$100,000, correspond to the Governmental Tort Liability Act limits. In short, the insurance is equal to the maximum liability of a school district under Tennessee law. Current Board Policy #3.404 is attached for your information.

We do not have many employees or volunteer parent drivers transporting students to events off campus. If so, we comply with current Board Policy. If an employee transports students with a private vehicle, the System’s insurance will cover any damages above the limits of the employee’s insurance. Therefore, I recommend leaving current Board Policy (#1) in place as is.

On occasion we may have a volunteer parent driver transporting students to events off campus. Such occasions are rare and discouraged (does not include a parent transporting his/her own student). In the last paragraph of TSBA’s recommended policy, I recommend the following:

The Board recognizes that volunteer parent drivers are needed on occasion to use their private vehicles for school purposes. When necessary, the school’s administration must provide the director of schools/designee written proof that no other transportation method is available and using a volunteer parent driver is the best alternative. Volunteer parent drivers who use a private vehicle must provide proof of vehicle liability insurance coverage in the form of an insurance certificate issued to the insured indicating limits of at least $300,000/$700,000/$100,000.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the amendment of Board Policy #3.404 as set forth above on first reading. However, policy is the sole discretion of the Board and the Board may adopt TSBA’s recommendation as set forth in the sample policy.