Obion County Board of Education
April 9, 2012

Agenda Item: VII.C.

Consider/Approve Amendment to the General Purpose School Fund Budget

Background Information:

Subsequent to the adoption of the General Purpose School Fund Budget for the 2011 – 2012 fiscal year, the School System experienced an increase in employees participating in the State’s health insurance program, the Tennessee General Assembly passed Public Chapter 426, which requires a local board of education to allocate funding in an amount equal to the per pupil state and local funds received by the LEA to state licensed residential mental health facilities on a prorated daily basis for the student's length of stay, and the School System experienced other increases in non-recurring revenues and operating expenditures that were unexpected.  The General Purpose School Fund Budget must be amended to include said revenues and expenditures since all of these additional costs must be accounted for within the General Purpose School Fund. A resolution is attached for the Board’s consideration. The detailed line item amendment is an integral part of the resolution.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the amendment to the 2011 – 2012 fiscal year budget for the General Purpose School Fund.