Obion County Board of Education
June 6, 2011

Agenda Item: VII.L.

Consider/Approve Equipment Purchase for Ridgemont Elementary School

Background Information:

Ridgemont Elementary School requests permission to purchase bleachers to be used for athletic events on the campus. Funds are available at the school for said purchase. Ridgemont has received three (3) quotes, as required by law and Board Policy, as follows:

Dant Clayton Corporation – $6,597.00
Southern Bleacher Company, Inc. – $9,750.00
Summit Supply Corporation – $6,750.50

Administration at Ridgemont plans to purchase from the low quote submitted by Dant Clayton; however, the Internal School Uniform Accounting Policy Manual provides, “The local board must approve the purchase of a single piece of equipment costing more than $5,000….” Ridgemont requests such permission.

Staff Recommendation:

Since all proper procedures were followed in getting quotes and seeking permission, I recommend approval of Ridgemont Elementary School’s request to purchase bleachers.