Obion County Board of Education
May 2, 2011

Agenda Item: VIII.K.

Consider/Approve the System's Family and Community Engagement Plan and Related Board Policies

Background Information:

During our latest federal monitoring, it was brought to our attention that our parental involvement policies were out of date. The System and each school have had Parental Involvement policies for several years.  The System’s personnel were trained in 2005.  Last summer, the State adopted national parent involvement standards, so all school systems had to revise their plans accordingly.   Board policies ##4.502 and 4.5021 contain the old standards. We obtained revised policies from TSBA and submit the revised policies for adoption – ##4.502 and 4.5021. In support of these two policies, procedures have been developed, and such procedures are an integral part of Board policy. The administrative procedures are attached for your reference – Obion County Schools Parental Involvement procedure, District Compact, School Compact, and Parental Involvement Checklist. Since our policies are out of date, I submit the updated polices for approval on first and final reading.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of Board policies ##4.502 and 4.5021 on first and final reading.