Obion County Board of Education
May 2, 2011

Agenda Item: VIII.A.

Consider/Approve Teachers Recommended for Tenure

Background Information:

The granting of tenure is one of the most important decisions boards of education make. TCA §49-2-301(b)(1)(J) provides, “it is the duty of the board of education to assign to its director of schools the duty to recommend to the board of education teachers who are eligible for tenure or notify such teachers of their failure of reelection….”

Teachers who did not receive a recommendation for rehire from their respective principal and/or instructional supervisor are not being rehired for the 2011 – 2012 school year and will be notified in writing by May 15, 2011 in accordance with Board Policy #5.201 and TCA §49-5-409(a). Prior to this notification, the Board will receive notification as well. In accordance with state law, these names must be recorded in the minutes of the Board of Education. Teachers receiving notification include: Robin Long, Julia Watters, Cathy Kendall, Mandy Brewer, Paula Smith, Tara Erwin, Charyl Craddock, and Lenise Green.

The following teachers did receive a recommendation for tenure by their respective principal and instructional supervisor:

Black Oak Elementary – Kristen Chandler
Hillcrest Elementary – Emmylou Denman, Courtney Gantt, Ashleigh Wilds
Lake Road Elementary – Jennifer Pate
Obion County Central High – Vicki Crenshaw, Terrance Moore, Glen Marshall, Adam Dowland, Shawn Jackson, Charles Foley, Lynsey Butler, Andy Zimmerman, Jeff Riley, Heather Kendall, Melanie Mitchell*, Debra Stringer*
Ridgemont Elementary – Carrye Richardson, Rachel Whites
South Fulton Elementary – Patresa Rogers, Alicia Jackson
South Fulton Middle/High – Eric Knott, Kelly Spivey
Career Technology Center –  None
Central Office – Judy Denman

*In accordance with the Procedure for Recommendation for Tenure of Recruited Math/Science Teachers, Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Stringer are recommended for tenure. Both teachers meet the guidelines of the attached procedure.

In accordance with TCA §49-2-203(1) and Board Policy #5.117, the decision to grant tenure is solely within the discretion of the Board of Education.

Staff Recommendation:

I agree with the recommendations of the principals and instructional supervisors and recommend the above noted teachers for tenure.

Due to budget constraints and other economic factors, the System will not be able to rehire all non-tenured teachers who received a favorable recommendation from their respective school principal and/or instructional supervisor for the 2011 – 2012 school year. These teachers will be notified prior to May 15, 2011. All teachers transferred to a different school must notified prior to June 15, 2011 in accordance with Board Policy #5.115.