Obion County Board of Education
August 10, 2009

Agenda Item: VIII.C.

Consider/Approve Board Collaboration Team

Preliminary Matters:

Annually, the contract between the Board of Education and the Education Association opens to “negotiate salaries, insurance, fringe benefits, and any revisions of Article XXI, Teacher Dress Code…” To represent the Board at the collaboration meetings, it designates management personnel. In accordance with TCA §49-5-608, I make the following recommendations:

Nancy Hamilton, Instructional Supervisor
Lesa Scillion, Instructional Supervisor
Vikki Stevenson, Instructional Supervisor
Dale Hollowell, Attendance Supervisor

Alternate: James Faulkner, Assistant Director of Schools

I will attend all meetings; however, according to the above-noted statute, the Board can only have four (4) representatives.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the above individuals to represent the Board during collaboration meetings.