Obion County Board of Education
May 3, 2010

Agenda Item: VIII.J.

Consider/Approve Request to Transfer Land to the City of South Fulton via Quitclaim Deed

Background Information:

Some years ago, the Board deeded the old South Fulton High School property to the City of South Fulton. As the City was donating part of this property to the Habitat for Humanity, City officials discovered that a portion of this property was left off the original deed. The City of South Fulton has had a quitclaim deed prepared that will transfer the remaining portion of this property from the Board to the City. From discussions held with various individuals, it appears that it was the intent of the Board to transfer all of this property with the original deed. The Board’s attorney has reviewed this deed.

Staff Recommendation:

The staff makes no recommendation on this issue as the disposition of Board property is totally within the discretion of the Board. However, if it is the intention of the Board to transfer this land to the City of South Fulton, I see no reason not to execute the quitclaim deed.