Obion County Board of Education
April 5, 2010

Agenda Item: VII.E.

Consider/Approve Amendments to Handbook for Interscholastic Sports

Preliminary Matters:

The Athletic Advisory Committee was duly formed upon the adoption by the Board of the Obion County Schools Handbook for Interscholastic Sports. The Committee is composed of (1) one member of the Board of Education, each school’s athletic administrator, and the director of schools and/or his designee. Mr. Brian Rainey represents the Board and Mr. Craig Rogers is the director’s designee. This Committee meets five (5) times annually. The Committee’s purpose, among other things, is “to review the athletic program manual and recommend revisions and/or updates that will keep the manual aligned with the TSSAA rules and regulations” and Board policy. To this end, the Committee, by unanimous vote, makes the following recommendations:

On page 10 under the title “Communication You Should Expect from Your Student-Athlete’s Coach,” strike item 6 and replaced with “Team rules, guidelines, and consequences for infractions in addition to the athletic manual.

On page 11 under the title “Eligibility of Participation,” add to the second sentence “Any student that does not meet the attendance requirements for the proceeding semester will be ineligible the following semester.”

On pages 15 and 16, strike items 1, 2, and 3 and substitute the following:

  1. Use of Drugs – The Committee will follow Board Policy

  2. Use of Alcohol – The Committee will follow Board Policy

  3. Tobacco Policy – The Committee will follow Board Policy

On page 16, item 7, strike the first two sentences and replace with “A student-athlete who is arrested/charged with a crime will be removed from athletic participation until the Athletic Advisory Committee can hold a hearing to review the case.  The committee will meet within five (5) school days.”

Staff Recommendation:

On behalf of the Athletic Committee, I recommend approval of the amendments set forth above.