Obion County Board of Education
April 5, 2010

Agenda Item: VII.C.

Consider/Approve Teachers Recommended for Tenure

Preliminary Matters:

The granting of tenure is one of the most important decisions boards of education make. TCA §49-2-301(b)(1)(J) provides, “it is the duty of the board of education to assign to its director of schools the duty to recommend to the board of education teachers who are eligible for tenure or notify such teachers of their failure of reelection….”

The following teachers did not receive a recommendation for rehire from his/her respective principal and/or instructional supervisors, thus I am not rehiring him/her for the 2010 – 2011 school year:

Lake Road Elementary – Danny Bomar
Obion County Central High School – Joshua Puckett
Obion County Central High School – Sara Wharton

The above noted teachers have received notification in accordance with Board Policy #5.117 and TCA §49-5-409(a)(2) (requiring notification prior to April 15).

The following teachers did receive a recommendation for tenure by their respective principal and instructional supervisors:

Black Oak Elementary – Lanna Hicks and Brian Moffitt
Hillcrest Elementary – Michelle Buchanan, Jessica Eason, and Candice McMahan
Lake Road Elementary – Melanie Baggett, Mindy Galbraith, Joshua McKinnis
Obion County Central High – Shawna Pounds, Michelle Powell, Craig Rogers, Casey Webb, and Billy Windsor
Ridgemont Elementary – Donald Capps, Jennifer Cox, Hope Ross, and Melissa Seymour
South Fulton Elementary – Stacy Hogan and Melissa Merritt
South Fulton Middle/High – None
Career Technology Center –  None
Central Office – Terri Pike

In accordance with TCA §49-2-203(1), the decision to grant tenure is solely within the discretion of the Board of Education.

Staff Recommendation:

I agree with the recommendations of the principals and instructional supervisors and recommend the above noted teachers for tenure.

Within budget constraints, the System will rehire all previously tenured teachers and all non-tenured teachers who received a favorable recommendation from their respective school principal for the 2009 – 2010 school year, although some may be transferred to a different school. I must notify teachers prior to May 15, 2010, of any transfers.