Obion County Board of Education
January 11, 2010

Agenda Item: VII.D.

Consider/Approve Amendment to Board Policy #2.200 – Annual Operating Budget

Background Information:

In reviewing policy, Board Policy #2.200 – Annual Operating Budget – may need revising. Throughout the policy, reference is made to “budget director,” which, until the present year, the Board had a budget director position. Although the position has not been officially eliminated by the Board, the position is not filled and is not funded. Other than this reference, the policy is being followed. The Director of Schools has

  • responsibility for budget preparation;
  • establishes procedures for the involvement of the staff;
  • develops a budget calendar, although not by January 1, which is much too early; and
  • responsibility for ensuring the budget, after adoption by the Board and County Commission, is transmitted to the Commissioner of Education.

Staff Recommendation:

Developing and amending policy is the sole discretion of the Board of Education. To update this policy to actual practice, I recommend the following changes:

  1. strike all references to “budget director” and replace with “director of schools.” Even if the next director of schools may not personally prepare the budget, it is ultimately the director of schools responsibility;
  2. strike “January 1” in the fifth paragraph, and replace with “March 1;” and,
  3. under the heading “Final Adoption Procedure,” replace “July” with “August.” TCA §49-2-203(a)(10) does not make reference to a month; this section states, “it is the duty of the local board of education to require the director of schools and chair of the local board to prepare a budget on forms furnished by the commissioner, and when the budget has been approved by the local board, to submit it to the appropriate local legislative body.”