Obion County Board of Education
June 26, 2009

Agenda Item: VI.F.

Consider/Approve Request to Declare Technology Equipment Surplus and Dispose Via Most Economical Method

Preliminary Matters:

The Technology Department requests the Board to declare surplus several pieces of computer equipment, the majority of which have been cannibalized for parts and/or are no longer being used within the System. Among the items needing to be declared surplus are approximately 95 iMacs and 68 old IBM compatible monitors, which are in surplus storage at the Career Technology Center. In the past when old iMacs were declared surplus, the machines were sold to Lauderdale County for $10 each. Lauderdale County has no interest in buying any more of the old iMacs.

These items are no longer of any use to the System, and it is estimated that salvage value of these items is not in excess of the value specified in TCA §49-6-2007(d)(1), which provides, “Surplus personal property in local school systems which has no value or has a value less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250), may be disposed of without the necessity of bids as required by this section.” Therefore, we would like to dispose of them via recycling, which will be no cost to the System.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend that the Board declare the above-noted items as surplus and approve the disposition via the most economical disposition, recycling.