Obion County Board of Education
April 13, 2009

Agenda Item: VIII.H.

Consider/Approve Amendments to the Alternative School Plan

Preliminary Matters:

In a prior meeting, the Board and staff discussed an amendment to the Alternative School Plan which would provide transportation to students from their home schools to the Alternative School.  Some students were opting for out-of-school suspension in lieu of attending the Alternative School due to not having adequate transportation available to and from the Alternative School. The Board, on a trial basis, allowed bus transportation from the student’s home school in an effort to keep students from opting out of attendance. The Alternative School Plan and Procedures were amended to reflect this change by adding the following paragraph to page 2:

All other students assigned to alternative school will be provided transportation from their home school in the morning and back to the home school in the afternoon. This option is not available to students who have been removed from their bus for disciplinary reasons.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend adoption of the Alternative School Plan and Procedures on first reading.