Obion County Board of Education
April 13, 2009

Agenda Item: VIII.G.

Consider/Approve Recommendations from Textbook Adoption Committee

Preliminary Matters:

The Obion County Textbook Adoption Committees, being duly appointed by the Board at its October 2008 meeting and having met all requirements of the State, have completed their adoption process for grades K-12 science, Family and Consumer Science, Agriculture, and Wellness textbooks and make the following recommendations to the Board:


  • The Commercial Greenhouse
  • Plant & Soil Science
  • Landscaping Principals and Practices
  • Turfgrass Science and Management
  • Equine Science
  • Introduction to Veterinary Science
  • Small Animal Care and Management
  • Introduction to Forestry Science
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Managing Our Natural Resources
    • Published by:  Delmar/Cengage Learning
  • Agriscience
  • Introduction to Horticulture
    • Co-basals Published by: Delmar Cengage Learning and Interstate Publishers
  • Introduction to Livestock and Companion Animals
    • Published by: Interstate Publishers

Family and Consumer Science

  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Family and Parenting
  • Textiles, Housing, Careers, and Interpersonal Communications
    • Published by: Goodheart Willcox Publishers
  • Consumer Economics
  • Child Development
    • Published by: Glencoe Publishers
  • Adult Living
  • Foods and Nutrition
    • Co-basals Published by: Goodheart Willcox and Glencoe


  • Houghton Mifflin/Harcourt for K-5 Science
  • Holt McDougal Littell for 6-8 Science
  • Chemistry I and II – Glencoe
  • Conceptual Chemistry – Glencoe
  • Conceptual Physics – Glencoe
  • Biology I Co-basals – Holt/McDougal Littell & Glencoe
  • Biology II – Glencoe
  • Environmental Science – Holt/McDougal Littell
  • Physical Science Co-basals – Glencoe & Holt/McDougal Littell.

Health and Wellness

  • Prentice Hall Health

These textbooks are recommended for a six-year cycle beginning with the 2009 – 2010 school year.

Staff Recommendation:

Based on this Committee’s recommendations, I recommend adoption of the above-noted textbooks for a six-year cycle beginning with the 2009 – 2010 school year.