Obion County Board of Education
April 13, 2009

Agenda Item: VIII.B.

Presentation of Charge Letter Recommending Teacher Dismissal

Preliminary Matters:

A charge letter is attached supporting dismissal of Mr. Joe Bryant Driver as a teacher with the Obion County School System. I have notified Mr. Driver of the charges against him and have given him an opportunity to respond. Mr. Driver is fully aware that I am recommending dismissal based on insubordination. I sent via certified mail a letter to Mr. Driver which described in detail the basis for my recommendation. I suspended Mr. Driver without pay beginning April 2, 2009, and he remains on suspension without pay status.

At the regularly scheduled meeting, the Board considers my letter of recommendation for dismissal and determines whether to proceed to a hearing. The Board’s consideration of the dismissal at this point is limited to the information contained in the recommendation letter. The Board’s task at this stage is to determine whether the charges, if true, justify dismissal. If the Board determines that the charges, if true, justify dismissal, then the Board, in essence, “certifies the charges.”

The only question for vote is “Based solely on the letter setting forth the charges, whether the charges, if true, justify dismissal?”

If the answer is “yes,” the Board certifies the charges and I must notify Mr. Driver of the Board’s decision. Mr. Driver can request a hearing if he so desires, and if he does not request a hearing, the matter will be put on the May Board agenda and a vote will be taken on the issue of dismissal. If the answer is “no,” the Board declines to certify the charges and the matter is closed. I must reinstate Mr. Driver to his teaching position.

Staff Recommendation:

To be perfectly clear, regardless of the underlying accusations made against Mr. Driver, this charge is based solely on insubordination. Based on the events of April 2, 2009, I recommend that the Board certify the charges against Mr. Joe Bryant Driver for insubordination.