Obion County Board of Education
January 12, 2009

Agenda Item: VII.F.

Consider/Approve Request from Transportation Department to Declare Property Surplus
and Dispose Via Transfer to Obion County Sheriff's Department

Background Information:

The Transportation Department requests the Board to declare surplus one (1) 1992 72-passenger school bus. The Transportation Department took the school bus out of service several years ago due to age and high mileage. Since then, all seats have been removed from the bus and it is of very little use to the School System. When the Sheriff was informed of this old bus, he asked if it could be transferred to his department for use in his programs. The intergovernmental relationship between the Schools and the Sheriff’s Department is very good and we appreciate the support we get from the Sheriff’s Department. At this stage in the life of this bus, the Sheriff’s Department will make much better use of it than we could.

TCA §49-6-2007(d) provides, “The board of education may also transfer surplus real or personal school property to the county or to any municipality within the county for public use, without the requirement of competitive bidding or sale.”

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend the Board declare the above-noted vehicle as surplus and approve the disposition via transfer to the Obion County Sheriff’s Department.