Obion County Board of Education
January 12, 2009

Agenda Item: VII.D.

Consider/Approve Video Camera Systems for South Fulton and Lake Road Elementary Schools

Background Information:

In addition to advertising, we solicited bids from Pro Tec Security, Main Street Connections, Data Solutions, Access Control Systems, and Edutech for the purchase and installation of security cameras for South Fulton and Lake Road Elementary Schools. With this purchase, all of our schools will be equipped with security cameras. We received bids from Main Street Connections and Edutech.

The extended bids consist of installing 14 indoor cameras and 2 outdoor cameras at Lake Road Elementary School and 13 indoor cameras and 3 outdoor cameras at South Fulton Elementary School. In addition, Edutech’s bid utilizes a 16 camera Edutech PC that was taken out of South Fulton Middle/High School when the 32 camera system was installed. With this allowance, Edutech submitted the low bid by $2,278.55. Without this adjustment, Main Street Connections would have the low bid by $1,516.45. Edutech has installed the security cameras at the other five (5) schools.

The purchase, installation, and funding of the security cameras was budgeted during the budget planning process for the current fiscal year and is included in the FY09 budget as approved by the Board. The revenue source for this purchase consists of State Safe Schools Funds of $21,900 and a local grant match of $5,000. If the bid is awarded to Edutech, we will have a balance of $995 in this grant fund. For $1,085 we can expand Obion Central’s security cameras by two (2) – one (1) indoor camera and one (1) outdoor camera.

Staff Recommendation:

Based on prior history and considering that this will complete our security camera project, I recommend approval of the bid submitted Edutech. In addition, I recommend expanding the security camera system at Obion Central as indicated with the excess funds.