Obion County Board of Education
January 12, 2009

Agenda Item: VII.C.

Consider/Approve Toilet Partitions Bid for Ridgemont Elementary School

Background Information:

In addition to advertising, we solicited bids from Townsend Hardware, Dale & Dale, Division 10, and Fastenal for the purchase of toilet partitions for Ridgemont Elementary School. The bids are for materials only. We will install the partitions. We received bids as follows:

Townsend Hardware                          $ 10,537.00
Dale & Dale                                         $ 7,850.00
Fastenal                                     No Bid Submitted
Division 10                                No Bid Submitted

The purchase of the toilet partitions was requested during the budget planning process for the current fiscal year and is included in the FY09 budget as approved by the Board. The partitions will be installed in the public men’s and women’s restrooms in the gymnasium lobby and the boys’ and girls’ restrooms located in the north wing of the school.

Staff Recommendation:

I recommend approval of the low bid submitted by Dale & Dale in the amount of $7,850.